Advanced Rejuvenation Therapy (ART) Davenport, IA

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Diamond Medical Spa and Vein is a leader in providing medical rejuvenation therapy using Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells or ADRC’s. In the news, these cells have been called “Stem Cells” in layman’s term. Within the numerous different types of cells collected at the time of liposuction, it has been discovered that there are mesenchymal derived stem cells within the fluid and adipose tissue. Physicians have administered ADRC’s to clients with torn ligaments, chronic sports injuries, knee/shoulder/back injuries, face lifts, breast enhancement, fat transfer, Gingivitis, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Autism, chronic fatigue, a variety of autoimmune disorders and even heart attacks. Many studies are being performed worldwide on the uses of these remarkable cells.

ADRC’s, also sometimes referred to as “Adult Stem Cells” have differentiated or matured and are limited in their ability to form other tissues compared to fetal derived stem cells. No fetal tissue of any kind is ever used at Diamond Medical Spa and Vein. “Adult Stem Cells” may also be ‘harvested’ from bone marrow or adipose tissue (fat). There are several methods for concentrating these natural repair cells. Some doctors add enzymes to the fat collected, called collagenase, in order to break up the fat and extract more mesenchymal cells. This method is not FDA approved and is illegal in the United States unless performed under a strict research program protocol. In other parts of the world, collagenases and high frequency ultrasound are used in processing the ADRC’s. In the future, commercial stem cells may be available for certain uses from tissue culture cell lines. These cells may find wide use in orthopedics.

At Diamond, Dr. Yates obtains Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells (ADRC’s) using Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture, known as “Tickle Lipo”. Cells are taken from a person, processed and given back to the same person. Diamond’s method is FDA compliant providing minimal manipulation of ADRC’s which are washed using sterile techniques, concentrated and reintroduced well within the prescribed 4 hour time limit, all within the same building. The average total therapy time is 2 – 3 hours. There is no down-time. Most clients may resume normal activity the following day after therapy. There is no possibility of rejecting ones own body tissue and very few medications are used to allow as “natural” healing as possible. Diamond Medical Spa and Vein belongs to an Investigational Review Board IRB to add accountability, integrity and credibility to this new area of medicine.

At your pre-treatment evaluation, Dr. Yates will discuss in detail the entire process and answer all of your questions. Some clients prefer no sedatives, though it is recommended to take a small dose of Alprazolam. Antibiotics are unnecessary, however, a few doses are recommended especially for our out-of-town clients. At procedure time, the Adipose Derived Regenerative Cell site is cleansed thoroughly with a sterile scrub solution. Local Tumescent anesthesia is injected to numb the fat and overlying skin for total comfort. Tickle Lipo is performed while the client watches a movie, talks on the telephone or relaxes. ADRC’s are collected in a sterile container and processed using sterile techniques. Approximately 45 minutes later, the physician re-administers the clients own ADRC’s in a concentrated form. A dressing is placed and the client can leave our office immediately. Our clients have reported remarkable benefits in less than 24 hours after therapy.

Most client samples contain several hundred million regenerative cells. Each person has unique amounts and potency of ADRC’s stored within their adipose tissues. Despite reports of amazing benefits of ADRC treatment, Dr Yates is unable to predict outcomes or claim cures for disease states. At Diamond, we believe we provide the highest quality of ADRC’s using the safest, state-of-the-art technology and let the cells do what God made them to do.

As with many new, innovative procedures insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover the cost until after many years of medical studies establish a cost-effective medical benefit. In 1995, Dr Yates was the first area physician to perform laparoscopic hysterectomies insurance companies had no procedure or reimbursement codes for years. In 2003, Dr Yates was the first physician to perform office-based endovenous laser ablation in the Quad Cities. Initially, insurances termed it investigational or experimental. When it became apparent that it was a safer, more cost effective therapy for venous insufficiency (varicose veins) than vein stripping, insurance companies began covering it. Now, Endovenous Ablation is the “Gold Standard” for treating varicose veins. Diamond is sure to be the best value for ADRC therapy compared to many providers in the United States and overseas.

A Diamond Customer Care Representative will be pleased to make your appointment and assist with travel arrangements if traveling. We will even pick you up at the airport and transport you to your hotel and to your appointment(s). Please call (563) 275-4701. If we are experiencing heavy call volumes, be sure to leave your name, phone/text/email address and your preferred appointment date(s). Diamond Customer Care will make every effort to contact you within 48 hours. We look forward to serving you!