A Young Male With A Vein Problem – Solved!

At The Age Of 27 – Mitch Had A Vein Issue

Says Dr. Yates & His Staff Helped With His Insurance

Q: Mitch – you had a vein issue on your left leg. Tell us about it.

Mitch – I had a varicose vein removed because it was eroding and there was bleeding under the skin.

Q: Eroding?

Mitch – Basically The vein becomes so big that blood pools within it, forcing secondary veins to the surface, causing them to be pushed up. It’s not really erosion, but the vein is exposed. They’re very thin and without protection – they tend to break.

Q: How long had you had this?

Dec13-1.2Mitch – About a year.

Q: Was it constant?

Mitch – At first – it began getting red – and was pushing up. And, we had to fight the insurance company.

Q: And – Dr. Yates and Angela helped with your insurance. They were giving you the run-around.

Mitch – That’s right. Dr. Yates and staff were terrific. Insurance coverage is important and having your doctor work with you is a big plus.

Q: What about pain?

Mitch – A little, but it looked scary. More red; more blood.

Q: And, you’re 27?

Mitch – That’s correct. I was told my condition, most likely – was genetic.

Q: How long did the procedure take?

Mitch – I was in and out in a few hours.

Q: How did you find out about Dr. Yates?

Mitch – He was recommended by my doctor.

Q: Any kind of advice for anybody discovering this kind of thing?

Mitch – Don’t hesitate! And, get somebody like Dr. Yates who can, not only do a great job, but help you with your insurance.

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