15 Pounds First Month… 15 Pounds Second Month

She Is On Her Way To Losing Her Goal Of 50 Pounds

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Q: Sally – you sure have come a long way in such a short time.

Sally – I have – thanks to your weight management.

Q: Tell us more.

Sally – Like so many of my friends – I really wanted to do something about my weight gain. I signed up for Diamond Medical’s Weight Management. It’s been great. I feel like I have more energy.

Q: What’s the program like?

Sally – First thing – they weigh you. Then, they give you pills – and tell you to watch your diet. And, you do need to exercise. I take the pill in the morning – and – I drink water and juice. And, I use the treadmill. The one thing – I cut back on my fried food. Instead of three pieces of chicken – I now do two pieces.

Q: And, you have even a bigger goal.

Sally – I want to lose at least 50 pounds – and – I’d like to lose it by August. It looks like – it’ll be before that time.

Q: Any advice?

Sally – Watch what you eat – cut back. Drink plenty of fluids and exercise.

Q: You only go in once-a-month?

Sally – That’s right. I’m looking forward to visit #3 very soon.

Losing weight is what we’re all about. Check out our Diamond Medical Weight Management program!

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