Personal Feminine Rejuvenation

Feminine Rejuvenation | Vaginal Surgery Dr. Yates has over 22 years as a trained Gynecologic Surgeon and performs many types of procedures to correct problems related to injuries during child birth, laxity, sexual dysfunction due to vulvar vestibulitis, and a range of anatomical genital disorders. Dr. Yates provides discrete surgical evaluation prior to scheduling any procedure. Some celebrity surgeons have popularized vaginal rejuvenation procedures, however, care must be taken to avoid causing more problems by fixing something that is not broken. Vaginal surgery will not 'fix' a bad relationship.

One must remember, there is a range variation among people with normal anatomy. The goal in aesthetic surgery is not to make one person look like another, but attempt to enhance what they have. For legitimate dysmorphic genital complaints, many of these conditions can usually be treated in an outpatient setting especially if they are elective or cosmetic. Office based cosmetic surgery is much less expensive than performing them in a hospital. In most insurance cases, only a copay may be required.

For more information on Personal Feminine Rejuvenation or to make an appointment, call us at 563.275.4701.

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